Press Release on Misinformation and Disinformation Appearing on Social Media

Press Release on Misinformation and Disinformation Appearing on Social Media

Taking advantage of the current political situation in Myanmar, the local and foreign media that accompany some countries that want to disintegrate Myanmar are inciting bloodshed in various ways to divide the people who want to live in peace and the Tatmadaw, to spread hatred, and to escalate the conflict. In doing so, they provided fake news about the casualties of security forces in order to inspire and motivate terrorists and their supporters. They often broadcast misinformation and fabricate this news on social media in the guise of Tatmadaw torturing and killing innocent people, to tarnish the image of the security forces and mislead the public. This is not just an ordinary act, but a conspiracy of spending a huge amount of money and providing technical support to spread misinformation across social media by synchronizing domestically and internationally.

For example, in the recent incident in Kyimyindine Township, Yangon Region, an official press release already reported that three rioters were injured in the riots. But notorious exile media, some foreign media, and some international organizations spread false information that, in this protest, has left five people dead and many injured. They are exploiting Myanmar people’s kind-hearted minds for their propaganda. It was also found that some foreign embassy issued further press releases on this disinformation without confirmation to Myanmar officials, to mislead the people and to tarnish the image of security forces.

In reality, according to responsible citizens’ information, these protests were not just ordinary protests but were involving terrorists. Therefore, the security forces acted according to the Counter-Terrorism Standard Operating Procedures. In such riots, the terrorists targeted and misused some young people as human shields directly or indirectly.

The second misinformation is that the exile media is broad-casting a mispresenting video of the massacre by the Myanmar security forces on social media. The video has been immediately and widely circulated on social media because of a conspiracy by local and international connections. The initial on-ground investigation revealed that the video was not (at all) related to the military and that it was a conspiracy to tarnish the image of the military.

Therefore, the people who want to live peacefully should be aware of the propaganda of the expatriate media which are supporting terrorists and terrorism, and not be used as a human shield in terrorist-related riots. We urge the people to continue to work with the security forces to arrest the terrorists as soon as possible.