Four Chinese Citizens Living Illegally in Tachilek Arrested with Weapons, Drugs and Wild Animals

Acting on a tip-off, a combined team of security forces entered and inspected the old fish pond area of Wa Ka La-064 owned by Daw Eila Kham (father’s name is U Aik Hong) in Wan Chauk Lone Village, Tachilek Township of Shan state (East) where Chinese nationals living illegally on 19 June. In this regard:

  • The four illegal Chinese citizens are Xiaohu, aged 34 (father’s name is Wangli), Loungyong, aged 45 (father’s name is Loung Fei), Loukxiou, aged 34 (father’s name is Liouxianyone and Ar Fein, aged 28 (father’s name is Ar Sheng). They were arrested with one MK12, one magazine, ten rounds of ammunition, one M16 with one magazine and 19 rounds of ammunition, one CZ512 with one magazine, 91 rounds of 22, one Glock-19 pistol with 8 rounds of ammunition and one magazine, two Sig Sauer pistols with two magazines and 21 rounds of ammunition, eight walkie-talkies and about 150 grammes of ketamine, one drug mixer and illegally possessed wild animals including one lion, one tiger and two bears.

The security forces are taking action against the four Chinese nationals who were arrested in the above incident and Daw Eila Kham (father’s name is U Aik Hong), the owner of the farm who allowed them to live illegally, in accordance with existing laws, it is reported.

Source: GNLM (22-6-2024)

  • Four Chinese nationals living in Myanmar illegally were arrested along with one MK12, one M16, one CZ512, one Glock-19 pistol, two Sig Sauer pistols, six magazines, 58 rounds of ammunition, 91 rounds of 22, about 150 grammes of ketamine, and illegally possessed wild animals.
Monday, June 24, 2024 - 22:15
June, 2024