PDF Terrorists Gun Down a Goldsmith in Aungmyaythazan Township of Mandalay Region and Rob Goldwares

On 13 June 2024, U Win Aung, a goldsmith in Mahaaungmyay Township, Mandalay Region, was riding his motorbike home from work. Meanwhile, he was followed by two unidentified men who shot at him (the type of firearm is still being verified) and fled with his gold items. Tragically, U Win Aung died on the spot from fatal injuries. In this regard, efforts are being made to identify those perpetrators and then, Kan Paing (aka) Ko Phyo was arrested along with evidence items (goldwares) at his residence in Madaya Township of Mandalay Region on 18 June thanks to the tip-off provided by a responsible person. According to his confession:

  • Due to financial difficulties, the arrested perpetrator conspired with Ko Maung (still at large), a same resident, and plotted with him to shoot a goldsmith U Win Aung dead, and rob the goldwares on his way back to home from work.
  • With the contact of Ko Maung, the perpetrator made a secret plan to carry out robbery on 10 June with a member of the terrorist group named “Madaya” PDF, Mingalarbar (fake name) who is on the run.
  • On 13 June, the perpetrator with the suspect Mingalarbar had been waiting for U Win Aung. When a goldsmith left his workplace for the home, Kan Paing (aka) Ko Phyo and Mingalarbar riding motorbikes followed such targeted person. At the scene, they fired at U Win Maung using single-shot handgun and fled with goldwares bag.

Thanks to the efforts of the security force members and cooperation of the people who desire ensuring community peace and prevailing the rule of law, the perpetrator Kan Paing (aka) Ko Phyo was arrested along with evidence items (goldwares) within five days. Legal action will be taken against the perpetrator under the law, and security force members are reportedly making concerted efforts to identify and investigate two remaining suspects, it is reproted.

 Source: MWD (20-6-2024)

Kan Paing (aka) Ko Phyo, one of three PDF terrorists, who was involved in the killing and robbery of a goldsmith in Aungmyaythazan Township of Mandalay Region, was arrested along with evidence items (goldwares).

Friday, June 21, 2024 - 17:45
June, 2024