Chief Minister of Taninthayi Region Provides Support to the Students and People injured by Terrorists’ Gunfire and Explosions

With the aims to create an uneducated society following the loss of children’s rights to learning opportunity as well as to make people very frightened, the NUG’s subordinate PDF terrorists attacked a vehicle that carried students in Dawei Township, Taninthayi Region, using small arms on 4 June, and a student was injured.

Moreover, one student died, and 25 students and people were injured when a bomb planted by terrorists exploded at the basic education school in Aeinshaepyin Ward of Dawei Township.

The injured persons in the above-incident were taken to Local Military Hospital and Dawei General Hospital by the security force members in order to receive medical treatments. The Taninthayi Region Chief Minister U Myat Ko and relevant officials comforted the victims and provided them with cash assistance.

Source: MWD (5-6-2024)

  • The Taninthayi Region Chief Minister comforted and provided cash assistance to the students and people who were injured by the terrorists’ gunfire and explosions.
Thursday, June 6, 2024 - 14:00
June, 2024