PDF Terrorists Gun down a Buddhist Monk on Alms Round in Debayin Township

On 9 May, a Buddhist monk, Bhaddanta Khemacara, 50 years of age and two years of monkhood, from KonthaU monastery in Debayin Town of Sagaing Region, was alms round in the town. At that time, five PDF terrorists riding three motorcycles arrived at there and gunned down him, injuring the monk.

PDF terrorists commit acts of terrorism such as threats to, killings and robberies of administrative officials, civil servants and innocent civilians living in peace for various reasons. Moreover, the terrorists launch terrorist strikes such as drone attacks on pagodas, stupas and temples sacred to Buddhist people and killings of Buddhist monks. Such kinds of terror acts should not be accepted so that the entire public strongly denounces their brutal acts.

Security force members in cooperation with locals are reportedly investigating to apprehend those terrorists who attacked the monks sacred to Buddhist people at soonest.

Source: MWD (17-5-2024)

  • Using small arms, PDF terrorists gunned down a Buddhist monk, Bhaddanta Khemacara, who was on alms round in Debayin Town, injuring the monk.
Friday, May 17, 2024 - 17:15
May, 2024