PDF Terrorists Fire Small Arms at Prayer Ceremony at the Cemetery of Htaukkyantkwin Village of Taungdwingyi Township

On 18 April, residents of Htaukkyantkwin and surrounding villages in Taungdwingyi Township invited four monks to conduct a prayer ceremony at the cemetery of Htaukkyantkwin village. While the monks were praying, two PDF terrorists arrived and shot at them with small arms. Due to the attack, one of the abbots, Sayadaw Bhadanda Kundalazoti, (25 years of monastic life, 45 years) got gunshot wounds and one of them, Sayadaw Bhadanda Pyinyavansa passed away.

Due to the incitement by NUG and CRPH terrorist groups, so-called PDF terrorists are killing Buddhist monks who are sacred by civil servants and locals in certain regions. Therefore, the locals cannot tolerate the acts of terrorism and strongly condemn such terror acts.

The security forces are reportedly collaborating with residents to investigate and identify the terrorists responsible for the reckless shooting of the monks.

Source: GNLM (19-4-2024)

  • PDF terrorists fired small arms at the place where prayer ceremony was being held at the cemetery of Htaukkyantkwin village of Taungdwingyi Township. In the attack, one monk was killed while other got injured.
Monday, April 22, 2024 - 21:00
April, 2024