Various Organizations Issue Statements against Terrorists’ Rocket Attack at PyinOoLwin in Mandalay Region

In the evening of 14 April, the terrorists launched recklessly 107 mm electric fused rockets at PyinOoLwin Town of Mandalay Region, claiming the lives of two Buddhist monks in “Aungmyayzeyar” monastery and two innocent civilians. Moreover, the terrorist attacks resulted in 11 hospital staff and patients including children receiving medical treatment at the public hospital and another local, totaling 12 people, got injured.

As such reckless rocket attacks at the non-military targets of monasteries, public hospital and residential areas cannot be accepted, various social and religious organizations issued statements, showing their strong condemnation. They are Young Men’s Buddhist Association, YMBA (Central), Myanmar Interfaith Dialogue Group (Central), The Methodist Church of the Union of Myanmar (Lower Myanmar), Faith Evangelical Church (Bago), Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance, All Myanmar Hindu Central Council, Liberation Church (Yangon), All Myanmar Tamil Hindu Foundation (H.Q), Sananta Dharmapalaka (Hindu) League, Myanmar Islamic Organization, Myanmar Music Association (Central), Myanmar Artists Organization (Central), Myanmar Theatrical Organization (Central), Myanmar Press Council, Myanmar Sports Media Federation, Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, Myanmar Comedians’ Association, Myanmar Writers’ Association, Pinnaygone Rakhine Jaame Mosque and Buthidaung-Maungtaw Development Association, it is reported.

              Source: Myanmar Alin (16-4-2024)

  • As the terrorists’ rocket attacks at non-military targets of monasteries, public hospital and residential areas in PyinOoLwin Town of Mandalay Region cannot be accepted, a total of 20 organizations issued statements with the showing of their strong condemnation.
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - 23:30
April, 2024