PDF Terrorists Launch IED Attack on Passenger Bus

On 4 April, a passenger bus, running to Ye from Yangon, was leaving Thaton Township for Belin Township. On its way, PDF terrorists launched an IED attack on the bus at the location between mileposts (131/1) and (131/2) on trhe Yangon-Mawlamyine highway near Daungywa Village in Belin Township of Mon State. Following the explosion, they fired small arms at the bus, killing an innocent male person and injuring another male as well as two females on board.

With an intention to create public panic, PDF terrorists, subordinates of CRPH and are brutally killing non-combatants of innocent people. Moreover, they are carrying out IED attack on and firing small weapons at passenger bus, endangering the lives of innocent civilians. Therefore, the local community strongly condemns their acts of terrorism.

Security forces are taking necessary measures to identify and arrest the terrorists as soon as possible, it is reported.

Source: MWD (6-4-2024)

  • PDF terrorists launched IED attack on a passenger bus running on the Yangon-Mawlamyine highway of Belin Township in Mon state, killing one passenger and injuring three others.
Monday, April 8, 2024 - 10:30
April, 2024