PDF Terrorists Kill Two Monks mercilessly, accusing them of “Informant/Dalan”

PDF terrorists are committing destructive actions against government employees and innocent civilians, including monks who are sacred to people, due to the instigation of NUG and CRPH.

  • On 28 March, in Myike village of Shwebo Township of Sagaing Region, PDF terrorists stabbed and chopped the Abbot Sayadaw Bhaddanta Okkahta (47 years old, 25 monastic life) to death.
  • On 29 March, PDF terrorists forcibly brought Sayadaw Bhaddanta Pannasara (55 years old, 10 monastic life) of Hman Chayyintaung Tawya monastery near Myintaegyi village of Natmauk Township and brutally killed.

Security forces are investigating, in cooperation with the locals, to arrest terrorists who commit brutal murder cases against civilians who do not support them and even monks terrorists, under the various accusations, it is reported.

Source: GNLM (2-4-2024)

  • PDF terrorists brutally killed abbot Sayadaw Bhaddanta Okkahta of Shwebo Township and Sayadaw Bhaddanta Pannasara of Natmauk Township , accusing them of “informant/Dalan”.
Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - 09:15
April, 2024