Bago Region’s Tourist Destinations Draw 4,737 Foreign Visitors including 217 Package Tours until December 2023

As Bago Region is endowed with beautiful scenes of the natural environment with achieving peace and stability and having better tourism services in the region, 65 package tours and 839 foreign tourists visited there from July to December 2022 while 217 package tours with 4,737 foreign tourists arrived there until December 2023. As a result, the region attracted more package tours and tourists.

Invitation is being made to hoteliers for building Eco Resorts because there are many dams and weirs in the region. Beside the existing tourist destinations, plans are underway to implement new excursion trips regarding the MSMEs businesses and conduct tourism advertisements in advance for religious, cultural, and seasonal festivals, with the connection of travel companies. Moreover, measures are being taken to extend public recreational areas and resorts in respective townships of the region, it is reported.  

   Source: MWD (20-3-2024)

  • Plans are underway to implement new excursion trips regarding the MSMEs. Up to December 2023, a total of 217 package tours and 4,737 foreign tourists visited the Bago Region’s tourist destination sites, increasing package tours and visitors.
Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 18:45
March, 2024