Union Minister U Myint Kyaing Holds Meeting with Entrepreneurs of India-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce

 Union Minister for Immigration and Population U Myint Kyaing together with Indian Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Vinay Kumar and officials, attended interaction session between the members of India-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce (IMCC) and Indian entrepreneurs who have invested in Myanmar which was held at India Centre in Yangon on 15 September.

During the event, the Union Minister said as follows:

  • The permission has been made with three types of visa application for foreigners including Indians for lawfully immigration to the country.
  • Moreover, Visa on Arrival has also been granted for the tourists from India and China from 31st of August.
  • The Ministry is providing services for immigration matters in line with rules and regulations for Indian entrepreneurs who are making investments.
  • Efforts are being made for Myanmar citizens of Indian origian to be able to lawfully hold the specific identity cards.
  • Cooperative efforts are being made for the bilateral trades and immigration works at the border area.
  • He called for open discussions on challenges regarding the procedures.

Afterward, the IMCC President and officials asked queries on the condition of multi sector investments from Indian entrepreneurs, entry visa and residence permission, permanent residence permit system for foreign nationals in Myanmar, Form-C processes and entry visa for the Indian citizens who are going to visit Myanmar, while the Director-General of Immigration Department replied the queries. Later, the Director-General of the Department of Electronic Registration System explained about the work undertakings and implementation processes on e-ID system.

Source: MWD (16-9-2023)


  • During the meeting, Union Minister explained about cooperative efforts for the bilateral trades and immigration works at the border area.
Sunday, September 17, 2023 - 11:45
September, 2023