PDF Terrorists brutally Kills a Police Officer and his Family who paid respect to their Parents at Thalunphyu Village of Sagaing Township

A police officer, serving duties at Tadaoo Airport in Tadaoo Township of Mandalay Region, together with his wife and a nine-year daughter and two-year son, went to Thalunphyu Village of Sagaing Township of Sagaing Region by Honda Fit vehicle in the morning of 13 September, and paid respect to their parents living at there. In the evening, they were walking to their vehicle for returning back to the airport, the so-called PDF terrorists who are waiting standby fired at them using small weapons when they arrived near the vehicle, leaving the police officer died on the spot and the two-year son injured with gunshot wounds to the thigh.

Then, the PDF terrorists abducted the wife of police officer by vehicle to the west of the Thalunphyu Village, and shot her to death. They carried the dead body and left the incident place taking away the vehicle.

In the incident, a police officer and his family just pay respect to their parents in line with Buddhist traditions, and it is reportedly known that their journey is not for for duties or other purposes, and his wife does not associate with politics and is just a normal citizen.

The so-called PDF terrorists are assassinating the civil servants and abducting, killing and threatening those innocent relatives who do not associate with politics and extorting money from them. Therefore, people are also disappointing those terrorists’ actions and the security force members are taking measures to identify the terrorists who committed the acts of terrorism.

Source: MWD (15-9-2023)


  • The PDF terrorists wantonly fired at a police officer and his family who paid respect to their family living in Thalunphyu Village of Sagaing Region leaving a police officer and his wife dead, and two-year son injured.
Friday, September 15, 2023 - 10:00
September, 2023