AA Terrorist Insurgents Launch Reckless Heavy Weapon Attacks on “Korea Seik Kan” Market near Myoma Market in Sittway

AA terrorist insurgents recklessly fired towards Sittway Military Station using heavy weapons on 28 February. Due to the reckless attacks by the terrorists, weapon shells hit the villages of the station injuring some villagers. Likewise, another explosion occurred in a Market (locally known as “Korea Seik Kan” Market) near Myoma Market in Sittwe on 29 February, killing some villagers and injuring others. The villagers who got injuries are provided to receive medical treatment at the Emergency Department of General Hospital (500-Bed) in Sittway.

Regarding the above-mentioned incident, local people strongly condemn and would not accept the acts of terrorism of the AA terrorist insurgents such as launching reckless heavy weapon attacks on towns and villages of peace and tranquility, making battles, and committing destructive acts under the title of local interests, it is reported.       

Source: MWD (1-3-2024)


  • The AA terrorist insurgents launched reckless heavy weapon attacks on the “Korea Seik Kan” Market near Myoma Market in Sittway and the villages of Sittwe Military Station, killing some locals and injuring others.
Friday, March 1, 2024 - 17:00
March, 2024