Authorities Arrest Narco-Gangs in Labutta and Kawthoung Townships, along with Narcotics to be transported to Malaysian Waters

The combined team comprising Anti-Narcotics Task Force members are putting an emphasis on seizure of narcotic drugs to prevent drug-trade across the country. Likewise, Myanmar (Navy) also conducted the following seizures of narcotic drugs:

  • It spotted a suspicious motor boat named Aye Myat Aung in the waters near Hainggyikyun, in Labutta township, Ayeyawady Region on 22 January and inspected the boat and people in the boat. According to their confessions, the authorities arrested eight drug-related offenders in Pathein township, another one offender in Kyaunggon township and two other offenders in Yay Kyi township, altogether 11.
  • According to their confessions, the investigation led to a confiscation of 1.5 tonnes of ICE (Crystal Meth) from a warehouse of Tin Tun in Thanmonchai Village in Pathein Township on 12 February. Authorities also seized one pistol, one magazine and 45 bullets as well as 46 bullets used in shotguns, one shotgun and two vehicles from the houses apparently belonged to owner of the boat in Myeik and Taninthayi townships on 14 February. Next, authorities busted for drugs a house allegedly rented by a suspect named Ye Khaung Tun in Pyigyidagun Township, Mandalay Region, and seized MMK 45.28 billion worth of restricted chemicals and related items such as 16,400 litres of methylamine, 1,200 litres of sulphuric acid, 560 litres of hydrochloric acid, and 12,400 litres of benzyl cyanide in huge quantities on 16 February.
  • It was later discovered that the gang was attempting to transport the drugs from Shan State to Pathein through Mandalay and then, the drugs would be carried to Malaysian waters.
  • Acting on a tip-off, Myanmar (Navy) conducted a search on a Min Htet Tha-3 motor boat in the sea, approximately 193 nautical miles to the northwest of Kawthoung of Taninthayi Region, on 17 February. They arrested four persons on the boat along with MMK45.43 billion worth of 1.298 tonnes of ICE (Crystal Meth). The arrestees admitted that the seized drugs will be transported from Shan State to Malaysia’s waters by sea through Yangon.

Legal action has been taken against them, and officials are conducting ongoing investigations to identify the chain of drug-related crimes, it is reported.

Source: Myawaddy Daily Newspaper (25-2-2024)


  • Authorities arrested the Narco gangs along with drugs to be transported to Malaysian waters: K45.28 billion of 1.5 tonnes of ICE (Crystal Meth) and drug-related items in Labuttta Township and MMK45.43 billion worth of 1.298 tonnes of ICE in Kawthoung Townships respectively.
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February, 2024