Terrorist Groups arrested in U Nout Village, Yinmabin Township

   Security force fought against in U Nout Village, Yinmabin Township, Sagaing Region yesterday and five bodies, weapons and ammunition of the terrorists were confiscated.

   About 50 terrorists are on their way to the village and the incident took place yesterday morning in Yinmabin Township, Sagaing Region.

   Security forces had clashes with terrorists in the village at around 12:30 pm after getting secret message, and the terrorist fled to the south of the village.

   Five terrorists were killed and one M4A1 assault rifle, one MK 12, 14 handguns, three handguns; two handmade grenade launchers, two hand grenades, 16 handmade mortar bombs, 155 rounds of ammunition, three magazines, two walkie-talkies, accessories used in bombings and Ford car were confiscated.

   Terrorists have been operating in some villages, and security forces are stepping uo safety and security in the area to ensure the peace and stability of the local people.

Ref; the global new light of Myanmar

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 08:45
January, 2022