Firearms-related Offenders Arrested along with Arms-Ammunition to be transported to PDF Terrorist Group in Mandalay Region

Conscientious civilians provided a tip-off to security personnel that the subordinate of the NUG declared as terrorist organization, PDF terrorists and self-named No-More Dictatorship terrorists are carrying arms/ammunition by public transport vehicles to Mandalay Region from Kyain-Seikgyi Township in Kayin State, putting the arms/ammunition into gear boxes of vehicles. Responding to the tip-off, security forces arrested Thida Soe (aka) Ma Soe and Toe Nyunt on 4 February 2024, along with five pistols of Sig Saucer, one pistol of Ansar, two pistols of Blow, 16 magazines, one hand-grenade, 100 rounds of 9-mm pistol and 200 rounds of .380 pistol gun hidden in the old gear box. Again, security personnel arrested Kay Khine (aka) Kay Kay due to the confession of the arrested offenders.

According to the confession of Thida Soe (aka) Ma Soe;

  • She was a member of NLD political party in Aungmyaehazan Township, Mandalay Region and led the riots in Mandalay. She went to Laiza in April 2022 and underwent one-month long terrorist training conducted by KIA.
  • She made friend with the offender Myo Min Yan Naing (still at large) of self-named No-More Dictatorship terrorist group during the training period. After the terrorist training, she, together with her friends Kay Khine (aka) Kay Kay and Toe Nyunt, has provided logistic support for self-named NMD terrorist group.

A terrorist member (still at large) puts arms/ammunition into gear boxes and transports them to Mandalay via public transport vehicles. On the arrival of the arms/ammunition at Express Terninal in Mandalay, Thida Soe (aka) Ma Soe, Kay Khine (aka) Kay Kay and Toe Nyunt brought them. Next, they again transport arms/ammunition to offender Myo Min Yan Naing (still at large) living near 14 mile village in Sagaing Township. From November 2023 to January 2024, they have transported arms/ammunition four times to Sagaing Region, it is reported.

Source: Global News Light of Myanmar (6-2-2024)


  • Security personnel seized eight pistols, 16 magazines, one hand-grenade and 300 rounds in Mandalay Region, along with three members of self-named NMD terrorist group: one male and two females.
Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - 16:15
February, 2024