More than 1.8 Million Local and Foreign Pilgrims Visit Shwedagon Pagoda in First Two Months of 2023

          According to the board of trustees of Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon city, a total of 1,835,075 pilgrims reportedly visited the pagoda in the first two months of 2023: in January 2023, 12,471 Buddhist monks, 7,773 Buddhist nuns, 410,665 males, 518,338 females, 2,677 male foreigners and 2,632 female foreigners totalling 954,556; and in February 2023, 10,532 Buddhist monks, 5,155 Buddhist nuns, 390,626 males, 468,044 females, 2,965 male foreigners and 3,206 female foreigners totalling 954,556.

          Although anti-government activists from abroad are supporting the terrorist acts and sabotages and also spreading fake news claiming that people are not living in peaceful environments, almost the whole country including Yangon city area is stable and peaceful apart from some townships where PDF terrorists operate. Particularly, during the weekends and gazetted holidays, local and foreign visitors are travelling across the country as usual and famous pagodas are crowded with people doing good deeds, it is reported.

Source: Myawady Daily Newspaper (5-3-2023) 


  • A total of 1,835,075 pilgrims reportedly visited the pagoda, Yangon City in the first two months of 2023.
Monday, March 6, 2023 - 10:45
March, 2023