So-Called PDF Terrorists Made Remote Mines Attacks on Two Ambulances Carrying Medications to be Transported to Yay-U Township Public Hospital

While the State Administration Council is accelerating the COVID-19 control, prevention and treatment activities, the PDF terrorists under the control of terrorist group NUG are committing bombing attacks on COVID-19 vaccination sites, treatment hospitals and centres as well as making remote mine attacks on the vehicle carrying medical supplies.

As the result of targeted killings by the so-called PDF terrorists of extremists, the Pluzarwa station hospital temporarily had to be closed down. While the medications of the station hospital were carried to the Yay-U township public hospital with two ambulances, the ambulances were attacked on the way by so-called PDF terrorists. The terrorists attacked the vehicles with two remote mines near the Myaukkyi village of Budalin township. The attacks left one vehicle damaged flattening its tyres and two persons on the damaged vehicle seriously injured. The other vehicle had to head to Budalin public hospital with the injured persons leaving the damaged one behind.

The entire population are condemning the acts of extremist terrorists as the latter are inhumanely harassing and attacking the healthcare sites and units by breaching the provisions of Geneva Conventions.

Security forces continue necessary measures to retrieve the vehicle damaged in the incident, and identify and arrest the perpetrators of terrorists.

  • So-called PDF terrorists made remote mines attacks on two ambulances carrying medications to be transported to Yay-U township public hospital leaving one vehicle damaged and two health staff seriously injured.