Seizures of Narcotic Drugs in August 2022

       Members of anti-narcotic task force from Ministry of Home Affairs joining hands together with security personnel are putting stress on anti-narcotic measures, and the seizures of narcotic drugs in August 2022 were as follows:

  • From 1 to 31 August, a total of 912 drug-related offenders including 786 males and 126 females were arrested across the country. Along with them, a total of K35,369.777 million ( over US$ 16.842 million) worth narcotic drugs: 239.155 kilos of opium; 60.983 kilos of heroin; 8,628,100 stimulant tablets; 2.485 kilos of stimulant pieces; 133.739 kilos of Ice (crystal meth); 39.569 kilos of marijuana; 79 Cannabis plants, 1.595 kilos of concentrated opium; 0.1 kilos of low-quality opium; 177.893 kilos of Kratom leaves; 40.535 kilos of Kratom powder; 12.6 litres of Kratom liquid; 0.33 kilos of brown poppy powder; 16,710 Ecstasy tablets; 0.2 kilos of Ecstasy pieces; 303.973 kilos of Ketamine; 2.366 kilos of Happy Water; 8.9 litres of Phensedyl; 3.54 litres of Codeine; 150 litres of Promethazine liquid; 250 litres of caffeine; 1 kilo of Ephedrine; 1,300,000 Pseudoephedrine tablets; 25,860 litres of TOLUENE; 360 litres of Ethyl ether; 16,070 kilos of ammonium nitrate; 1,250 kilos of bone char; 20,000 kilos of concentrated Acetic acid; 170 litres of N-BUTYLBEN ZYLAMINE; 500 kilos of Vanillin; 500 litres of scent and 100 kilos of red powder were seized.

     The arrested drug-related offenders were handed over to the relevant police stations and punitive actions are being taken against them in accordance with the law. Members of anti-narcotic drugs task force, joining hands with security force members, are making further efforts to identify and arrest drug-related offenders for the eradication of narcotic drugs.

Source: Myawady Daily Newspaper (7-9-2022)

  • As members of anti-narcotic task force, joining hands together with security personnel, are making efforts to seize narcotic drugs in August, a total of 912 drug-related offenders were arrested and a total of MMK 35,369.777 million ( over US$ 16.842 million)worth narcotic drugs along with them were seized.
Wednesday, September 7, 2022 - 21:15
September, 2022