An Explosion Takes Place during Five Men Attempt to Plant a Homemade Mine for Terrorist Acts

Under the directive of the NUG group, the PDF terrorists are committing the acts of throwing homemade bombs and exploding remote-controlled IEDs to the public areas in order to influence the people with terror. In this regard, it is found that accidental explosions frequently occur in their attempts to commit terrorist acts of making and planting dangerous explosives or IEDs without considering the potential risks, leaving them dead in accidental explosions. 

According to the report on the explosion that took place in Myoma (3) ward of Pyauntaza town located in Nyaunglebin township of Bago region in the evening on 31 December 2021, security forces went there for further investigations.  At the scene by a one-story RC building owned by U Soe Thein living in the Myoma(3) ward, Aung Pyae Sone Tun, Kyaw Swar and Sithu Tun were found dead with mine injuries all over their bodies whereas Aung Myint Myat Tun was injured with shrapnel wounds in his lower body part.

According to Aung Myint Myat Tun’s confession, it is reported that the mine blast occurred while he and other four men; Zin Ko Lwin, 29, son of U Soe Thein, Aung Pyae Sone Tun, Kyaw Swar and Sithu Tun were planting a homemade mine to carry out acts of violence in Pyuntaza, leaving them dead and injured.

Security forces searched the house in detail and seized a damaged pistol and two rounds of ammunition near the scene of the blast and Zin Ko Lwin, who was missing despite he was involved in the incident, was found dead with mine injuries all over his body on the roof of his house, which was about 12 feet high.

The dead bodies of four men, including Zin Ko Lwin, who died in an explosion that aimed for carrying out terrorist acts, were taken to the Pyuntaza Hospital, and moreover security forces are still working to identify and arrest other offenders who are being involved in the incident.

  • An explosion took place while five men were attempting to plant a homemade mine to commit terrorist acts, leaving four dead and one injured.