Terrorists Robbed ‘Maw Thit’ Jewellery Shop of Goldwares and Cash by Shooting Gun in Pyigyitagon Township

On 24 July in Pyigyitagon township, ‘Maw Thit’ jewellery shop located at 125 road, 58 street x 59 street in ‘Sa’ ward was robbed of goldwares (105 ticals) and K6 million (worth around K 226.5 million in total) by two male terrorists. The jewellery shop was owned by U Sai Thay Pan Kha, 38 living in ‘Za’ ward and the terrorists entered the shop and fired three threatening shots. Due to the shootings, U Phyo Min Soe, 37, a security guard of the shop was injured at his left feet.

It is found out that the PDF terrorists are not only extorting money from local people but also committing more serious crimes of robbery and banditry as they got no more financial supports from NUG for acts of terrorism. The NUG terrorist group is abusing the donation money in the name of revolutionary funds and do not allot the money to its affiliates of PDF terrorists.

It is reported that security forces continue necessary measures to identify and arrest the terrorists involved in the aforementioned incident.

Source: Myawady Daily Newspaper (26-7-2022)

  • Terrorists robbed ‘Maw Thit’ jewellery shop of (105 ticals) and K6 million (worth around K 226.5 million in total) by shooting gun in Pyigyitagon Township of Mandalay region.
Tuesday, July 26, 2022 - 16:45
July, 2022