PDF Terrorists Burnt Down Local Houses in Kyauk Ao Village of Pauk Township

While the security forces are conducting security duties to ensure the public security and safety in Pauk township of Magway region, they were reported by some people that PDF terrorist groups were burning down and destroying the houses of the locals in Kyauk Ao village. When security personnel arrived there, around 80 local houses were found destroyed in fire and they conducted support and rescue operations for the victims.

While security personnel continued necessary security measures in the village, security forces found and conficated a homemade gun, an improvised mortar, three homemade bombs, two homemade mines, 99 IEDs made of bamboo clips, 6 pairs of canvas boot, a pair of long boot, 50 tickles of gun powder, 50 tickles of Kent powder, four batteries attached with wire, 500 steel balls and other related items near the village monastery

PDF terrorists are not only destroying and attacking the villages that do not support them, and also committing the inhumane crimes of collecting extortion money from locals, abducting and killing them. Moreover, the media of destructionists are reportedly spreading fake news and disinformation describing as if the security force members committed the arson attacks.

Security force members continued necessary investigation to take actions against the terrorist who burnt down and destroyed the public houses as early as possible.

Myawady Daily Newspaper (19-7-2022)

  • PDF terrorist groups burnt down the houses of the locals in Kyauk Ao village leaving 80 houses destroyed in fire.
  • Security force members confiscated the weapons/ ammunitions and other relation items near the village monastery after conducting relief operations for the fire victims.
Wednesday, July 20, 2022 - 16:30
July, 2022