Rice Bags Seized from Terrorists were Provided to Residents in Man Si Village

Security forces conducted security operations on 22 December as they got the report about the terrorists’ arrival at the Man Si village of Katha township of Sagaing region. Therefore, the terrorists retreated to the south west of the village and security forces seized 22 bags of rice which were forcibly collected by terrorists from the villagers.

Security forces distributed those bags of rice to the villagers who were not involved in acts of violence in the village and continued further security measures.

Aiming at ensuring terrorists can no longer hide in townships and villages and for the community peace and security, security forces are carrying out necessary measures to get information about terrorists and making attempts to arrest them based on the information tips provided by the people. In doing so, security forces are providing not only security services but also other assistances to the people who are not concerned with terrorists.

  • Security forces distributed 22 bags of rice to the villagers who were not involved in the violence acts in the village.