Excerpt from the article “Attacks and Sabotages against National Education Sector by NUG and PDF Groups Breaching the International Law”

The NUG/ PDF terrorists are destroying the education sector, the future of the country to achieve their political aim. There is plenty of undeniable evidence showing that they have made various kinds of obstruction not to open the schools, and threats against children not to go to school and teachers and education staff to join CDM.
The list of the attacks against the national education sector by NUG/PDFs and NLD political extremists (From 1 February 2021 to 28 February 2022) -

  •  123 arson attacks to schools;
  •  367 bombing attacks to schools;
  •   Shootings in the vicinity of the schools 12 times;
  •   49 threats not to open schools;
  •  Brutally abducted and killed 23 teachers and education staff;
  •  And 28 teachers and education staff got injured.

They are now not just killing the teachers and setting fire to the school buildings, and they are even using the schools as their fortified bases and training grounds. It was witnessed in the Marathein school in Htigyaing township.
Through the lens of norms of international law, the acts of terrorizing the schools and teachers are totally unacceptable. Two additional Protocols to Geneva Conventions in 1977, and 2009 the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child - (OHCHR) made an exhortation to protect schools. Moreover, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack-GCPEA, that includes UNICEF, UNESCO, UNHCR and other organizations, released the Guidelines, that describe as follow: the buildings relating to education cannot be used for military purposes, and to protect students, teachers, and education staff. Resolution 2427 reiterates its deep concern at the closure of schools and hospitals in situations of armed conflict as a result of attacks and threats of attacks. Moreover, the resolution urges all parties to armed conflict to refrain from actions that impede children’s access to education. Chapter 3 of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) includes specific terms and conditions: to avoid using any schools as military outposts or encampments; to avoid restrictions on the right to education under the law; and destruction of schools and educational buildings.
NUG/PDF terrorists and some EAOs that do not follow the provisions of the NCA are attacking schools, threatening and killing teachers. Such callous actions of NUG/PDF terrorist groups killing innocent teachers are the reckless and imprudent behaviors that destroy the country and the future of the children and also the acts of terrorism which cannot be tolerant or accepted by Myanmar society as well as any other societies and countries around the world.
Information of the terrorist acts of CRPH, NUG, PDF, and NLD extremists with concrete evidence has reportedly been informed to UNCTED, INTERPOL, Counter-Terrorism of ASEANPOL, neighboring countries, foreign embassies based in Myanmar, international organizations, and international authorized bodies.
It apparently leads to a conclusion that some countries and international organizations pretending as if they know nothing about the reports on the violent acts of CRPH, NUG, and PDF with the accounts of witnesses, strong evidence, and video records are accepting and supporting terrorism.
Particularly, some Western countries, with an intent to mount pressure on the Tatmadaw which is now assuming the State’s responsibilities in accord with law in a state of emergency, showing their attitude of supporting the NUG and PDFs behave as though they support terrorism and clearly do not contribute to the peace and stability of Myanmar.
Some great powers that purport to value democracy and human rights bury their heads in the sand about the undeniable acts of terrorism committed by NUG and PDFs and even shape up against them as democracy activists. I reckon such phenomena are totally prejudiced and unjust for the innocent slain victims like headmistress Daw Lei Lei.
If we all actually want Myanmar to be peaceful and stable, I hereby urge the international communities to rationally review the current incidents of violent killings and oppose the external and internal terrorists who are on the course of violent means to achieve their political aims.
The excerpt from an article by Min Khant, printed in The Global New Light of Myanmar, The Mirror, and Myawady Daily newspapers (8 March 2022)

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 - 15:45
March, 2022