Terrorists Attack Philanthropic Vehicles Carrying COVID-19 Vaccines by Blowing up Remote Mines

On 2 February, the officials of health department in Sagaing region went to the public hospital of Monywa township to take out COVID-19 vaccines with two Toyota Hiace philanthropic vehicles with license plates “SGG 4L-3365 and HSE/1613. On the way back to Sagaing township, the vehicles were attacked by PDF terrorists using an IED between the mileposts of 61-mile-2-furlong and 3-furlong on the Monywa-Mandaly road in Chaung-U township. No injury was reported in the incident but front windshield of HSE/1613 vehicle shattered and left rear wheel of the vehicle was damaged with tyre blowout.

State Administration Council is emphasizing the COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment activities. However, PDF terrorists, under the instructions of NUG, so far have made 37 terrorists attacks against the COVID-19 precautionary measures. Such inhumane crimes committed by the terrorists are literally the bioterrorism that cannot be accepted by International communities and any other organizations. Since such heinous acts of terrorists are apparently the war crimes, the people want international communities to oppose the terrorists.

It is reported that the security forces continue necessary measures to arrest the perpetrators who attacked the philanthropic vehicles carrying COVID-19 vaccines that will be used for civilians.

  • Terrorists made remote-mine attack to the philanthropic vehicles carrying COVID-19 Vaccines that will be used for the civilians in Sagaing region and one of the vehicles was slightly damaged in the attack.
Friday, February 4, 2022 - 18:15
February, 2022