PDF Terrorists Robbed Goldwares of “Kyaw Zaw Lin” Gold Shop in Nawnghkio Township at Gunpoint

On 25 January, the PDF terrorists robbed the goldwares of “Kyaw Zaw Lin” gold shop belongs to U Kyaw Zaw Lin located on Mandalay-Muse road in Nawnghkio township of Shan state (North) at gunpoint as follows:

  • In the incident, five men wearing black-colored masks arrived with a vehicle at the shop and made gunshots to frighten people. They then robbed various kinds of goldwares (around 2 Visses and 21 Ticals worth K376.02 million): 221 gold necklaces; 59 gold bracelets; 145 gold pendants; 16 gold hand chains; and one gold hair comb. The terrorists put the robbed items into a backpack and fled with their vehicle heading to Nawngkio township.

The PDF terrorists, subordinate armed wings of NUG have received no more cash assistances from NUG and donation cash under the title of revolution fund from people due to their abuse of the fund. Consequently, in order to sustain their survival, it is found that they are not only collecting extortion money forcibly from innocent people but also committing the nefarious crime of robbery.

The security force members are reportedly conducting necessary investigations in details to arrest the five male terrorists who robbed goldwares against the legal action under the law.

  • Five male terrorists robbed the “Kyaw Zaw Lin” gold shop in Nawngkio township threatening people with guns and took various kinds of goldwares (around 2 Visses and 21 Ticals worth K376.02 million).
Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 18:00
January, 2022