Armed PDF Terrorists Killed Innocent Civilians in Mingin Township Following Abduction

In the evening of 18 January, six innocent civilians were abducted and five of them were brutally murdered by PDF terrorists in Mingin township of Sagaing region. In the incident, around 40 terrorists of so-called PDF with small arms and hunting rifles arrived at the Maugon (North) village and abducted six civilians including four males and two females living in the village. The terrorists then, stabbed and shot them at the burial-ground of the village. A total of five residents; three males and two females got killed with cuts in the throat and gunshot wounds. One of them managed to escape when PDF terrorist group attempted to cut his throat. The surviving victim got gunshot injury in left clavicle as the terrorists shot him while he was fleeing away.  He was transported to the Mingin Public Hospital to receive medical treatment.

The entire population is frightened and disgusted by the cruel acts of so-called PDF terrorist groups killing and murdering innocent civilians living in peace without any reason based on their extreme unilateral obsession of “Anyone who differ from my perspective is my enemy”.  Therefore, people are willing the soonest captures of the armed terrorists and punitive legal actions against them.

 Security forces cooperating with local military columns are taking the necessary measures to uncover and arrest the so-called PDF terrorists who committed abduction and brutal killings on the innocent civilians living peacefully in the village.

  • So-called PDF armed terrorist group abducted and killed six innocent civilians (four males and two civilian females) and five of them (three males and two females) were brutally killed while a male who managed to escape was injured.
Friday, January 21, 2022 - 17:15
January, 2022