Respective Associations and Organizations Issue Statements over PDFs in Abducting Agricultural Institute (Dawei) Principal and Six Persons, Killing a Deputy Staff Officer from Agriculture Department

PDF terrorists abducted the female principal of the Institute of Agricultural Institute (Dawei) and her 11-year-old son together with five teachers from Sakhangyi Village of Launglon Township in Taninthayi Region on 20 July. Moreover, those PDF terrorists shot dead a deputy staff officer from Launglon Township Agriculture Department who was lecturing agricultural techniques at the institute, on 22 July. In this regards, 19 local organizations issued statements on such brutal attacks as follows:

  • The Young Men’s Buddhist Association (Central), All Myanmar Hindu Central Council, All Myanmar Theravada Buddhists Federation and Sasana Nuggaha Association for Border and Hilly Regions (Central), and Myanmar War Veterans Organization issued the statements that the abducting and killling the civil servants who are not military target, committed by the terrorists with the dogma “people who differ from my attitude are my enemies”, are the inhumane acts. Therefore, they strongly condemned such acts of terrorism.
  • Myanmar Interfaith Dialogue Group (Central), Myanmar Theatrical Association (Central), Myanmar Writers’ Association, Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, Myanmar Artists and Sculptors Association (Central), Myanmar Music Association (Central), Pinnaygone Yakhine Jaame Mosque, Sanatan Dharma Swayamsevak Sangh, All Myanmar Tamil Hindu Foundation (HQ), The Methodist Church (Lower Myanmar), Islamic Religious Affairs Council Myanmar and Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance also issued the statements that they strongly condemned the brutal acts of terrorism committed by NUG and PDFs.
  • Myanmar Press Council issued a statement that it would not absolutely accept the acts of terrorism aiming to collapse the education sector of the country, and also strongly condemned such acts of terrorism.
  • Myanmar Comedians’ Association and Buthidaung-Maungtaw Region Development Association issued the statements that they strongly condemned the acts of abducting and killing the teachers and civil servants who are teaching the youths, future of the country, and those who do not support the terrorism.

Aiming to enable the country to have uneducated persons in the country, the NUG, CRPH and NLD, and its affiliates so-called PDF terrorists have been conducting arson and drone attacks on the schools, occupying the schools to be used as bunkers, trenches and terrorist base camp, killing and threatening the teachers.  

Source: MWD (28-7-2023)


  • 19 local organizations issued statements that they strongly condemned the brutal acts of the PDFs in abducting Agricultural Institute (Dawei) principal and six persons, and killing a deputy staff officer from Agriculture Department.  
Friday, July 28, 2023 - 16:45
July, 2023