PDF Terrorists Burnt Down Sinma-ai Village, Kalaywa Township of Sagaing Region

PDF terrorists in a large number fired small arms to the security force members who were taking security measures near Sinma-ai village, Kalaywa township of Sagaing region on 15 July. When the terrorists retreated after the clash, they set fire to the houses in the village.

 Arson of the terrorists burnt down a sub-basic education middle school, and 65 houses in the village and their reckless shootings killed a civilian, and injured another and some security personnel.

When the PDF terrorists retreat in disarray after clash with security force members, they tend to use the locals as human-shield and also burn down the houses in the residential areas of wards and villages. The terrorists also disseminate fake news and fabrications via subversive media outlets depicting as if the security personnel commit such crimes.

In a bid to ensure community peace and stability, security force members continue necessary counter-terrorism operations as per the provisions of Law of Armed Conflict based on four Geneva Conventions by following the Rules of Engagement-ROE, it is reported.

Source: Myawady Daily Newspaper (17-7-2023)


  • Due to the arson attacks and reckless shootings of PDF terrorists, a school and 65 houses were destroyed in fire, an unarmed civilian was killed while another was injured in Sinma-ai village, Kalaywa township of Sagaing region.


Thursday, July 20, 2023 - 10:45
July, 2023