Tatmadaw Military Columns Crush PDF Terrorists hiding in Sagaing Region, Seized Arms, Ammo and Dead Bodies of the Terrorists

Some local residents, who oppose acts of violence that disturb peace and stability, secretly provided the tip-off about the terrorists’ activities to Tatmadaw military columns that a PDF terrorist group, who have been committing various acts of violence in Sagain Region as per the instruction of NUG and CRPH, was hiding along with arms and ammunition in the place near Kingtaw village of Sagaing. Responding to the information, Tatmadaw military columns crushed the terrorist on 25 June and seized 15 different types of guns including a sniper rifle, ammunition including two rounds of 107 mm rocket, 5,009 bullet rounds and related materials.

Similarly, Tatmadaw military columns received the report about PDF terrorists were hiding along with arms and ammo in the place near Uyin and Latpan Taw villages of Sagaing. Therefore, they crushed the terrorists and again captured 27 different types of guns, ammunition and related materials used in doing acts of violence.

As terrorist groups holding arms are terrorizing and killing local residents, civil servants and unarmed civilians, the entire population is urged to collaborate with security personnel for community peace and stability, it is reported.

Source: Myawady Daily Newspaper (26-6-2023)


  • Responding to the tip-off about PDF terrorists who are hiding along with arms and ammo in the places near Kingtaw, Uyin and Latpan Taw villages of Sagaing, Tatmadaw military columns crushed the terrorists and seized dead bodies of the terrorists, 42 different types of guns, ammo and related materials.
Monday, June 26, 2023 - 15:30
June, 2023