Changing Stages of Protests and the Truth Behind it

          Everyone has known that Tatmadaw led its foundation path to the multi-party democracy system which meets the desire of all national people after drawing up the 2008 State Constitution in the times of the SLORC and SPDC administrations in order to realize the system.

          After paving the way to the Multi-party democracy system with the emergence of the State Constitution, two elected governments ruled the State for 10 successive years. In the time of the administration led by NLD party, the State mechanism more looked alike one-party authoritarian system and they even attempted to win the election by improper means of voting frauds in order to maintain the power of their party and administration. Against the backdrop of this situation, the Tatmadaw had to unavoidably assume the responsibilities of the State in accordance with the 2008 State Constitution and everyone have known it. Since NLD party and its supporters around attempted to portray the right step of assuming the responsibilities of State by Tatmadaw to be military coup d'état leading to the emergence of protests across the country.

          Observing the protests, as the first phase, many people who dislike the step of Tatmadaw to assume the State Responsibilities, or who do not want the military rule staged peaceful protests to demonstrate their desire in the first and second weeks of February. During the first phase, it is observed that although the Tatmadaw officially explained why the State responsibilities were assumed in accordance with the State Constitution, some of people realized only as military coup and staged demonstrations across the country to protest against the military rule.

          However, since the third week of February, the once peaceful protests had turned into the second stage of riots due to Civil Disobedience Movement-CDMs and the negative incitements of NLD party and illegally-organized CRPH, and the internal/external instigations. During this stage, NLD party members and its supporters did not accept the conditions why the Tatmadaw assumed the State responsibilities and merely tried to portrayed the situation as a form of military coup. Their negative incitements provoked the emotions of people who have suffered the longevity of new normal environment of COVID-19 pandemic and the condition was taken advantage to intensify the riotous situation. In this regard, a considerable difference between the security forces and people was observed. While Security forces took measures with the least restraint not to cause unnecessary casualties using the minimum level of necessary force and action, the protesters had changed their manner from peaceful protests into the form of riotous mob. It is also obvious that the unscrupulous manipulators had used the youths of Gen Z in the frontline of protests.

          In the fourth week of February, as the riotous protests adding to CDMs were being intensified with an intent to deteriorate the government administrative mechanism, the form of riots turned again into the third stage of anarchy mob. In this stage, no more peaceful protesters involved and only emerged the violent acts of abducting and brutally killing people ‘regarding everyone with different view as their enemy’ by the extremists of NLD party supporters. They also instigated the gangsters and ex-criminals with cash assistance as well as the youths with sensitive emotions to commit such violent and terrorist acts.

          In some situations where security forces inevitably had to respond to the violent attacks of rioters according to the rights of self-defence, some deaths and injuries occurred. Regarding the casualties, there also appeared propaganda and fabricated news stating security forces are killing innocent civilians for no reasons. Since the illegally-organized CRPH, other ground and underground organizations, and legal/illegal media agencies synchronously attempted to spread such propaganda and fabricated news on social media platforms, some naïve people fell into their trap and started to believe such misinformation. Moreover, they also created the fabricated news and narratives that foreign countries would intervene Myanmar to save the people who were killed by security forces for no reasons which mislead some people to anticipate the R2P.

          When the Gen Z with no political affiliation used by unscrupulous manipulators with the anticipation of R2P had suffered considerable deaths and injuries, the riotous protests in the form of anarchy mob were also accelerated to the stage of violent insurrection, attacking security forces using all available weapons due to the manipulations of extremists NLD party members and its supporters. During this stage, the participants are the NLD extremists; terrorists taking cash assistance; mobsters and hooligans from respective townships. They committed crimes such as attacking against security forces using all available weapons, burning down factories and workshops and looting properties from there. When the hope of R2P became uncertain, the imaginary federal army also appeared in their dim hope. Their primary objective was to end the State administrative mechanism by accelerating the reckless riotous protests to the form of armed insurrection.

          It also found rioters marked the 27 of March 2021 as the day of people revolution and launched attacks to the police stations across the country using handmade guns, handmade bombs and grenades. Since the beginning of April, they have committed the terrorist acts and sabotages such as destroying and burning down the administrative offices, schools, public transports, and Tatmadaw-owned businesses. At the stage, the form of insurrection has turned into terrorism creating public panics and insecurities among people who want to live in peaceful environment.

          Regarding the changing stages, the protests have evolved and escalated to the violent forms as in the following table –






First stage

Peaceful protests

Do not want the military coup

All layers of society

Second stage


Power restoration of NLD party

  • NLD supporters
  • Youths used by politicians
  • CDM staffs


Third stage

Anarchy Mob

To end the State administrative mechanism

  • NLD supporters
  • Youths used by politicians
  • Unscrupulous persons acted by cash assistance

Fourth stage


  • To avoid legal actions
  • To destroy the State administrative mechanism
  • NLD extremists
  • Mobsters, hooligans and ex-criminals acted by cash assistance
  • Fugitives

Fifth stage


  • Utter Devastation
  • NLD extremists
  • hooligans and ex-criminals acted by cash assistance
  • Saboteurs


          Observing the changing stages of activities, it found the people who want to live in peaceful environment as well as the people who used to participate in the protests due to pressure and threats have no more participated in the protests from the third stage of Anarchy Mob decreasing the number of protesters. However, the number of sabotages, armed insurrection and the terrorist acts has later increased due to the manipulated activities of fugitives and offenders at large.

          The primary objective and trend of the protests are to bring down the State Administration Council (SAC) and to welcome the foreign intervention when the State administrative mechanism failed with prevailing unrests across the country. Hence, their activities with slavery morale as foreign stooges can be seen vividly.

          The primary perpetrators are fugitives of CRPH, some naive people who have extreme personal worship to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the NLD party members and their supporters of extremists who want their power restoration and it is approved by their activities.

          As another truth behind which cannot be concealed is the direction of their aim towards utter devastation of the State: from ‘the affair of democracy’ to the ‘rejection of SAC government’, and then to the ‘ending of government administrative mechanism’ and then again to the ‘utter devastation of the State’.

           In order to build a stable, peaceful and united Nation, domestic and external dangers of saboteurs must be inevitably expelled by the collective efforts of all national people. A free, fair and transparent election will be held again to flourish the multi-party democracy system, to strengthen the sincere political parties and emerge a capable government. The SAC administration of assuming State responsibilities has already affirmed the holding of transparent, free and fair election to public.

          Emergence of an elected government by people is the only solution of the current political crisis. It should be aware that doing terrorist acts and sabotages by inciting the extremists of party member for power restoration of NLD as a way out of the political crisis has caused considerable damages to people.

          Using innocent civilians, youths with no political affiliation to cause insurrections and turn them saboteurs are the very dangerous acts for the the State future.

          Hence, we urge all national people to join hands together in light of the stability, peace, and law enforcement of the State after realizing the truths behind the current political developments. We all wish to create the good social environments among people after seeing what is right and what is wrong in the current political tempest.


Min Khant